“We have been working with Roads to Rhythm Music Therapy for several years and have seen such growth in the individuals who are participating in music therapy.  Working with Courtney has been a wonderful experience all around – she is warm, professional, accomodating and creative!  We highly recommend others looking into music therapy with Roads to Rhythm as an opportunity for their loved ones or those they work with professionally.  The sessions are a much anticipated part of the week for everyone!"
​- CBI Specialized Community Services, Brandon (formerly known as Brandon Support Services)

"Courtney incorporates lots of different types of songs and builds into these songs goals that we are working on such as counting, learning body parts and imitation.  Her sessions are fun and upbeat and have exposed my son to a variety of musical instruments like the ocean drum, which mesmerizes him every time he gets the opportunity to use it.  She lets him strum on her guitar and brings lots of fun and interactive manipulatives to use during her sessions.  My son is continually learning something new every time and has started to make the actions to “The Wheels on the Bus” by himself, where as before he always needed to use my hands.  This is a huge development/improvement for him that is a direct result from Courtney’s sessions with him.  Courtney is very good at what she does and is always looking for and finding new ways and activities to encourage my son to express himself through music.  He really enjoys his sessions with her and when it’s time for her to leave he always signs for “more”.  We have been very fortunate to have Courtney come to work with my on a weekly basis.  She has come to school team meetings to share with the school what she is doing and finding out what the school is doing in an attempt to work together on similar goals.
I would highly recommend Courtney from Roads to Rhythm if you were thinking about trying out music therapy.  My child truly enjoys his sessions with Courtney and I’m sure your child would enjoy their session with her, too."

​​- Angela C., mother of a private music therapy client 

"Delighted with the progress your music therapy program has had on my son!  Connecting with him through music has proven to promote his speech/sounds; music communicates and you are great at what you do!"
​- Laura F., mother of a private music therapy client

"I highly recommend these classes for babies and children of any age! I started taking my daughter to the baby classes when she was 4 months old. The Babies n’ Beats classes were a fun, interactive and bonding activity that her and I could do together. I loved the classes so much that I recently took the baby class again with my second child! My daughter is now 2.5 years old and she participates in the Music n’ Munchkins classes, which she absolutely loves. She looks forward to attending the classes each week and to be honest, so do I! We often sing and dance to the songs we’ve learned from Courtney at home!"
- Mandy McMullan, past participant of the Babies n' Beats and Music n' Munchkins programs

"I attended the Babies n' Beats program with my daughter from when she was 6 weeks old until just under a year. It was a wonderful experience to watch my daughter enjoy the music and interact with me through songs. As she grew, I loved watching how you could visibly see how much she enjoyed it by her facial expressions and responses to Courtney, who is a very talented musician. She is easy to talk to and it is very evident that she enjoys her job (in how she interacts with everyone of all ages). Courtney utilized different approaches, including instruments and scarves, which aides in fine motor skills and engaged other senses so that was great to see my daughter's development over time. I look forward to attending more in the future and would recommend the program to others."
- Jocelyn, past participant of the Babies n' Beats program

"Babies n’ Beats classes were our first introduction to music with our 6 month old and he’s had a love for music ever since. It’s a fun opportunity to bond with your baby in a comfortable setting and Courtney has a fantastic voice - which is a nice treat for everyone!  Music n’ Munchkins was a great program for our shy toddler. We really enjoyed the class as a family. Courtney has wide variety of songs in her repertoire and she changes it up each week and always got us moving! Courtney promotes singing and dancing and it’s all stress free! Our toddler has a love for music because of all the classes we attended and we often sing the songs at home that we learned in music class. Highly recommend!"
- Kim Hickman, past participant of the Babies n' Beats and Music n' Munchkins programs

"I enjoyed the Babies n’ Beats class for so many reasons. As a new mom, it was great to get out with my baby and chat with other moms, while exposing my son to live music and other little ones! It is also a nice bonding experience between the parents and babies.  It’s a relaxed atmosphere and Courtney is easygoing and kind. I liked that the classes were small in size and ran for 30 minutes."  
"It has been fun to watch my son get even more involved and excited about music as he moved on to the Music n’ Munchkins class. He perks up when he hears Courtney sing & play the guitar, loves to dance and enjoys being around the other children.  Courtney always has fun, interactive songs and offers new instruments to try such as the ocean drum, ukulele and the always popular - maracas!"
- Jillian Austin, past participant of the Babies n' Beats and Music n' Munchkins program


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